Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's Out (With 1 Hour to Spare)

Just under the wire, I released MoneyWell 1.0.2 (39) this evening. Bugs have been swatted and small features added. Overall, it's a pretty nice patch (if I do say so myself). Run MoneyWell and you should get an update notice that looks something like this:

Version 1.0.2 (39) changes:

  • Added user preference "Localize date for QIF import"

  • Added ability to revise the initial rollover amount

  • Added QIF support for FI using currency symbols in amounts

  • Added large splitter handles to bucket and graph bars

  • Added show decimals preference on spending plan panel

  • Window size and position now remembered per document

  • Accounts now sorted by type and name

  • Initial rollover timer disabled; activates with allocate income

  • Changed initial rollover suggested amount to never be negative

  • Transaction filter cleared on new transaction or account

  • Fixed removal of bucket assignment from a transaction

  • Fixed buckets view on New Money Flow Panel dropdowns

  • Fixed buckets sort on New Memorized Transaction Panel dropdown

  • Fixed invalidated object error

  • Fixed initial rollover not saving amount without tab or enter key

  • Fixed name sorts to be case insensitive

  • Fixed edit commit failure on account change

  • Fixed auto-save failure after undo of memorized transaction update causes

Now that I have that patch put to bed, I'm going to put myself to bed. G'nite all.