Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Featured Download - MoneyWell

It's always exciting to get good press for your products or your company. When you are developing software for the Mac, one of the highest honors is to be a Featured Product on Apple's Downloads site.

Today I woke to see that MoneyWell is not only the featured product in the business and finance section, but the main featured product when you go to Apple's download page. There are so many great software products coming out for Mac OS X right now that one product can't hold this spot too long, so I'm making the best of it.

I've added a "60-day money back guarantee" to my MoneyWell page and I have at least one tutorial up for people to look at. An added bonus is that Apple has some big announcements today, which means their website is going to get more traffic than usual. What perfect timing!

It's hard to describe the difference between churning out code for Windows and creating software for Mac OS X. I was very proud of some of my creations for Windows, but the development process was always frustrating. Now, even when I'm struggling with some Objective-C code in OS X, I know that the final solution will end up being elegant and the resulting product light years ahead of anything I would be building in Windows.

Plus, there is just no good "featured product" section on the Microsoft site. Thank you Apple! You rock!!!