Saturday, September 08, 2007

I've Never Really Been Popular Before

You know those kids in school that are a little too straight-laced and quiet to be popular? Yeah, that was me. I just never was popular.

This morning I looked at Apple's "most popular" section of their downloads page and I see the following:

  1. iTunes 7.4

  2. Quicktime 7.2

  3. Safari 3 Public Beta

  4. MoneyWell 1.0

  5. Windows Media Player for Mac OS X 9.0

How cool is that?!?! MoneyWell's not only popular, but the three products more downloaded than it are free stuff from Apple and it beat a Microsoft product (okay, that last one isn't so hard to do on the Mac)!

Does that make me popular?

Probably not. I still have to rub my dog's belly to get her to even hang with me. But I'm just that desperate to take this as being popular by association. W00t!